When I was a child my mother said that I was so advanced for my age that I needed to attend a full day kindergarten to keep me on my toes and out of trouble because I was bored at home. If this sounds like one of your children or child contact the staff at Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado. They offer so many varieties of education and child care from Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley, to half day mornings and half day afternoons. Their curriculum is based on the teaching philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori who was ahead of her time. She was a physician that specialized in pediatrics and psychiatry who believed in the importance of children being able to sense their world around them through multi-sensory, sequential, and self directing methods such as the importance of implementing the child’s use of imagination. By implementing her values and having flexible times for schooling, day care, or child care a child like myself would have really benefited from Montessori Academy. Call today for more information and get your advanced child more room to advance even further without the boredom of being at home with their Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley.