Dear Parents,

John Blessington is a renowned Montessori educator, parent and author of the insightful book,  Let my Children Work. He states in his book,”Children use the home and they must help build the home. The mother and the father are not the entire family: they are the heads of the family and ought to assist the youngster very early on to enter fully into the family life. Tannssity comes from a task carried through to completion-any task. Good habits of work and future abilities for concentration and overcoming disinterest can all be managed through the home by sharing real work. (page 43)” He also says, “School and home should work hand and hand. The school refines what the  child learns from the family. The family re-inforces in real and helpful ways what the school has to give, thus, possilbey sustatining the child’s interest becauze he may see what he is learning has a real use now—not just in some dim future. (page 48).

    We would like to help you with a few suggestions that will aide the development of your child’s mind and ego and give him/her and added feeling of worth and belonging. We care about you and your child and we encourage you to put to use the words of John Blessington. We will provide help to you by providing information on what’s taking place at school so you can ( if you care to), “sustain your child’s interest because he/she sees the real use now in your home.” Please give us feedback on our suggestions.

  1. Do you have a wooden handled broom that can be cut to child’s size length so your child has his own broom? Does it have a special, easily accesaible place to be kept?
  2. Do you have a kitchen, sidewalk or patio that could you a sweeping job?  Your child would love to help! Remember, being an active participant in home care builds his self-esteem.
  3. How about a yard that needs to be raked? Tell your child why it is important to either mulch it or rake it off of the grass.  If you don’t have leaves in your yard, maybe an elderly neighbor would appreciate some help from you and your child

olivia raking

Olivia  raking our school yard.

  1. Child size rakes are usually available at the $ Store etc.
  2. Do you have paper and crayons at home?


Juanito making a cordate shape leaf rubbing.

  1. Why not collect various leaf shapes with your child and let her do rubbings of the rough side of the leaf?  Then you can re-enforce botany lessons from Montessori Academy by labeling the blade and veins of the leaf.

Remember Toddler parents that your children are also capable of these activities and are doing them at school.

Have Fun!!                                                                                                                Ms. Roe