Andrea Roe, Owner/Administrator

My name is Ms. Andrea Roe. I have been involved with Montessori and teaching since I was 16. I took the St Nicholas correspondence Montessori course in 1984 and have attended numerous workshops and seminars over the past 30 years. I also have my degree in Sociology, which I’ve been grateful to apply during my many years in and out of the classroom.

Children put a song in my heart; they are the very foundation of our future, and I am so very passionate about helping lay that foundation as best as my team and I can. Maria Montessori has been such an incredible influence in not only my life, but my children’s lives as well. It is a philosophy that truly has the child at the core, fostering their independence and creativity. I am so proud of our team and their ability to carry out this rich philosophy for our students!

I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve the families of Greeley.

Angela Mushatt, Primary Teacher

Great to meet you!

I’m Ms. Mushatt, the lead Montessori teacher in the primary classroom. I was born and raised in Colorado where discovered my love for Early Childhood Education over 30 years ago! Montessori specifically has been a passion of mine for many years, influencing my own daughter’s and even grandson’s development at a young age. 

I have worked in many different fields, including as a CNA, airport security, and as a nanny through the years. I always came back to teaching. In 2001 I was introduced to the wonderful world of Montessori while living in Oregon for a short time. When I moved back to Colorado I found another Montessori School and after working for a while as an assistant, I was recommended to take the Montessori training. In 2008 I received my Montessori Certification to teach children 2 ½ , to six years of age. I am incredibly blessed to be able to help these children on their educational path.

Breanna Esely, Toddler Teacher


My name is Miss Brea, and I am the lead toddler teacher here at Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado! I was born and raised in Colorado, though I do enjoy traveling to other parts of the country.

I started at the school in 2019 as an assistant and quickly worked on my certifications to qualify as a classroom lead. During those first couple of years, I really found a passion for the toddler age! I specifically love being able to help set the foundation for mathematics and language through our materials as well as basic ASL in the classroom.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my son outdoors, indoors, or basically anywhere that can entertain a toddler!

Brenda Garcia, Primary and Toddler Assistant

Hello there!

My name is Miss Garcia, and I am an assistant teacher at MANC. I’m originally from New Mexico and moved here not to long ago to pursue my education.

Dyson Diaz, Primary Teacher


My name is Mister Diaz, and I am one of the lead teachers in the Primary classroom.

Mariah Roe, Administrator

Hi there! 

I’m Ms. Mariah, a Primary teacher at Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado. I am one of two middle children in a family of four siblings, so you could say I’m used to bearing the weight of excellence. 

I have been working in and out of the classroom going on 14 years now- doing everything from teacher’s aide, to lead, to administration, to health technician! This experiene has been primarily in the Montessori environment, though I also have spent time in ‘traditional’ classrooms. I have a degree in English and Linguistics from MSU Denver. Since graduating I have applied that education to teaching literacy and language comprehension to young children.

Both growing up and training in a Montessori environment has made me very passionate about the philosophy and its correspondence to child development. One of my favorite things is setting up classrooms and rotating work to keep the children interested and engaged!