1. Explore The Options: Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley

    Did you know that Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado is an alternative option for full day kindergarten in Greeley?  If you are looking for a public school alternative, it is not too late to consider enrolling your child in our Montessori based kindergarten program.  Call us today to schedule a tour or to speak with a teacher about whether Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado might be th…Read More

  2. Get A Head Start With Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley

    Help your child get a head start with full day Kindergarten at Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  Our Montessori based program encourages discovery and learning in a fun, loving atmosphere.  We love our students, and our students love us.  For more information about joining our family, call today!…Read More

  3. Intelligent Children Need A Full Day Kindergarten Rather Than A Half Day, Full Day Kindergarten Greeley

    When I was a child my mother said that I was so advanced for my age that I needed to attend a full day kindergarten to keep me on my toes and out of trouble because I was bored at home. If this sounds like one of your children or child contact the staff at Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado. They offer so many varieties of education and child care from Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley, to hal…Read More

  4. Finally A Kindergarten That Teaches And Cares About Our Children, Full Day Kindergarten Greeley

    Are you looking for a great school for your little munchkin that is educational, fun, that explores Art, Music, and Imagination? Well look no further because the Montessori School in Greeley is the perfect place for you precious child. They believe in the teaching and learning philosophy of Dr. Montessori who was the first woman of Italy to introduce a wayof teaching children while embracing their…Read More

  5. Is Your Child Ready for Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley?

    Most kids today are able to handle full day kindergarten. If you live in Greeley, your child can experience the highest quality education at the Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado. Register now for the upcoming Fall season! Montessori education is not restricted to a one track style for all kids. Rather, children are allowed to explore their own interests and explore our hand on environment t…Read More