1. Explore Their Interests With Montessori School Greeley

    The Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado is a local Montessori school dedicated to helping children learn about themselves and the world around them through experiential learning.  Using explorations with all 5 senses, we make learning FUN.  Check out our website to learn more about the Montessori method and the specifics of what our school has to offer!…Read More

  2. Montessori School Option in Greeley

    Parents are pleased to discover that Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado offers an excellent Montessori school option in Greeley.  When your search for the "right fit" for your child has left you empty-handed, why not consider our excellent school?  With a child-centric, experiential learning path and loving, personalized attention, you will love what Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado …Read More

  3. Families Love Our Montessori School in Greeley

    Find out why families love the Montessori school experience in Greeley by contacting Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado today.  Our dedicated staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you discover the joys of choosing Montessori education for your young child.  With both preschool and Kindergarten options, we have a wide range of options to make our educational child care experi…Read More

  4. Trusting In A Great School At Montessori School Greeley

    Are you looking for a trusting school that provides education yet encourages the use of imagination? At Montessori School in Greeley they strongly believe in the use of imagination and it's huge role in childhood development. If this sounds like a school you would be interested in call and schedule an interview today for more information.…Read More

  5. Building Your Precious Child’s Confidence At Montessori Academy, Montessori School Greeley

    Confidence is a very important part of one's character to obtain especially early on in a child's life. Parents are the major factor in this characteristic, as well as teachers and peers. At Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado which is an early development childcare and school in Greeley builds confidence within their students. If you are looking for a school and day care that has a high stand…Read More

  6. Finally A Kindergarten That Teaches And Cares About Our Children, Full Day Kindergarten Greeley

    Are you looking for a great school for your little munchkin that is educational, fun, that explores Art, Music, and Imagination? Well look no further because the Montessori School in Greeley is the perfect place for you precious child. They believe in the teaching and learning philosophy of Dr. Montessori who was the first woman of Italy to introduce a wayof teaching children while embracing their…Read More

  7. Looking For A School That Values Your Values As A Parent?, Montessori School Greeley

    As a parent we are constantly worrying about our kids. Are our children getting a proper education? Are schools going to teach and protect my values as a parent? Can I afford to give them a top of the line education on a budget? Well the answer is yes to all of these important questions if you are considering sending your toddler or preschooler to school at Montessori School in Greeley. Give your …Read More

  8. Looking for a High Quality Preschool in Greeley That Doesn’t Break the Bank?

    Looking for a unique and high quality preschool program that doesn't break the bank? Check out the Montessori preschool program in Greeley. The Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado is a unique, cozy and top notch preschool in high demand.  The preschool program is for ages 3 to 6 (includes Kindergarten), and features a highly desirable small class with t 1:10 Teacher/student ratio. Preschool p…Read More