1. Give Your Child an Out of the Box Education in Greeley with Montessori

    Give your child a gift next year of an education that is truly out of the box. Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado in Greeley, offers an exceptional enrichment education for your child. Most kids are ready for full day programs, and we not only offer child based exploratory learning, but French, music, field trips and high academic competence. Our staff of highly trained professionals will com…Read More

  2. Is Your Child Ready for Full Day Kindergarten in Greeley?

    Most kids today are able to handle full day kindergarten. If you live in Greeley, your child can experience the highest quality education at the Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado. Register now for the upcoming Fall season! Montessori education is not restricted to a one track style for all kids. Rather, children are allowed to explore their own interests and explore our hand on environment t…Read More

  3. Sensory Learning, Montessori School Greeley

    Montessori learning builds on an individual child's social, emotional, intellectual, and moral development. This is taught through sensory learning.  Children learn more by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, and exploring than by just listening.  Montessori materials are designed to be aesthetically pleasing which help children develop organization skills.  Montessori schools were first sta…Read More

  4. Montessori School Greeley

    Considering a Montessori style education for your child? Check out the Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado, in Greeley.  Our philosophy allows children to follow their own interests, in a highly interactive and customized environment. We offer full day programs with French, music, field trips, and a commitment to encourage high levels of social and academic competence.  Our highly trained st…Read More