1. Looking for a High Quality Preschool in Greeley That Doesn’t Break the Bank?

    Looking for a unique and high quality preschool program that doesn't break the bank? Check out the Montessori preschool program in Greeley. The Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado is a unique, cozy and top notch preschool in high demand.  The preschool program is for ages 3 to 6 (includes Kindergarten), and features a highly desirable small class with t 1:10 Teacher/student ratio. Preschool p…Read More

  2. Montessori Academy Northern Colorado Offers Superior Preschool Experience

    Is your child ready for preschool or kindergarten next year? Check out the Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado, for a superior experience for your child. Unlike mainstream preschool, Montessori focuses on your individual child’s natural curiosity and interests, and follows THEIR lead. Children thrive in the sensory filled environment, relaxed environment and highly trained instructors who …Read More