5 Star Review

just wanted to share a little bit about this center! I was previously a preschool teacher and have had my 4 year old and 15 month old at Montessori of norther Colorado for a few months now and this place is nothing short of amazing! i have nothing but good things to say. the teachers here are so kind understanding and compassionate. i can truly see how much each and every teacher loves what they do! they all care immensely about the children and get to know each of them and their needs individually. i have seen both of my children grow so much at this center. my son can definitely be more than a handful, but i have seen how attached he has become to his teachers, and how deeply his teachers enjoy and care about him. my daughter is somewhat of a spitfire and she tells me everyday how much she loves her school! the director roe is so kind. she takes the time to listen and ALWAYS makes the children’s needs her top priority. every morning when i drop my kids off the teachers are welcoming and excited to see them and my children are equally excited to arrive. the center is so so so clean and organized. they have several classroom pets that my daughter really enjoys. she has learned a great deal about friendship and responsibility in a short amount of time. this center is unlike any i have seen. i have worked and volunteered in several childcare facilities, and Montessori exceeds every single one of them.the teachers are never just sitting around. they are truly engaged and teach the children a remarkable amount of skills and knowledge. my daughter is even learning and truly picking up french!!! they do a ton of learning based classroom activities, and art projects that the children really enjoy. this center goes above and beyond in every single aspect of creating a safe and fun learning environment. i could not be more happy to have my children learn and grow at Montessori. they keep the parents involved in every aspect of care and are always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate each families individual needs. i cant express how happy we are with the care they receive at Montessori and i absolutely would not have my children anywhere else. if you are looking for childcare i highly recommend looking into this school. you will not find this kind of center anywhere else in northern Colorado!
Montessori Academy of Northern Colorado

Ann Lizer Hatton